Urban transformation is now indispensable

Zorlu İnşaat laid the first foundation in Dinar
3 February 2017
Zorlu Construction, the favorite of the fair
3 February 2017

Sait Zorlu Construction, which has completed tens of buildings and hundreds of flats until now and has designed and built each of its apartments with an aesthetic and functional approach, continues to add value to Bursa.. 22 We came together with Sait Zorlu, the architect of Sait Zorlu İnşaat, who made a difference in his work, and we touched on many topics from the sector to urban transformation..

Can we get to know you a little?
Sait Zorlu Construction 1993 was founded in. 22 we have been serving for years. I've been in this business since childhood. So to speak, I will not grow from the core. There are various advantages that this provides us in the sector..

Could you tell us a little about Sait Zorlu İnşaat??
22 We have been doing business in various locations in Bursa for years.. We try to reflect our knowledge to our work. We care about trust and doing the right job. 20 Since we have done this work for nearly a year, we have built business inns and residences in beautiful places in Bursa at certain points.. Nowadays we have ongoing projects in Kestel and Millet District..

What do you think about Urban Transformation?
Urban transformation has become an indispensable situation for everyone. Urban transformation is something that should happen, it is a fact that it will add momentum to the sector.. Somehow urban transformation will occur especially in metropolitan cities. We must contribute to this in the best and most correct way. There are very old houses that will fall if you blow. These should definitely become more livable.. Beautiful and healthy…

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